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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 6, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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maxx life! captioning funded by cbs good morning. da toy is friday, november 6th, 2025. welcome to "cbs this morning." did a bomb take down the russian airliner. presidential politics take a bizarre turn. ben carson's new comments that will be the talk of the trail. >> hundreds of students at a colorado high school could face felony charges for exchanging sexually charged photos. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. he was a lot moren thas i now. >> the president says a bomb could be blamed for the russian jet crash.
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>> the department of homeland se tycuri is expected to announce plans to tighten regulations on u.s.-bound flights from international airports. >> do you think i'm a pathological liar like cnn does? >> ben carson is on the defense against cnn's investigation about his violent childhood. >> yes, this poll says he would beat you by 10%. >> wlle wit jus have to wait and see how that turns out. >> well, maybe you should start saying some crazy stuff. >> the coast guard is searching for a mahon w fell off the oasis of the sea druce ship northwest heof tks tur and caicos. >> a tornado touched down near ft. worth yesterday. >> the roof of the building just flew off. >> at least six people killed early this morning in arkansas. police say the bus went off an interstate and crashed. >> it's now reported that joe gliniewicz tried to hire a hitman to kill an official. >> a disaster in the making from
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brazil. a dam burst burying a small town and toxic slides. >> bengals at 8-0. >> all that. >> this forecast felt tonight -- what are you doing? >> will you marry me? >> yes! yes! >> all that matters. >> what if god was a woman? >> well, god's a woman and she definitely didn't write the bible. >> on "cbs this morning." >> president obama has found a way to set a positive -- using different variations of the word hate. >> good morning, kansas city! hey! a champion! hey! hey! yea! yea! hey! nice. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota toyota. let's go places. ♪ with him to "cbs this
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morning." and, hey! charlie rose is on assignment and norah o'donnell on is off so we are in good company with anthony mason. >> hey! >> and kristine johnson. there is growing concern this morning that a security lapse in egypt allowed a terrorist to slip a bomb on the doomed russian jetliner. the investigation is focused on who had access to that plane before it took off. the crash on saturday killed all 224 people on board. his first public comment about the disaster president obama told a radio interview that it could have been terrorism. >> i think there is a possibility that there was a bomb on board. and we are taking that very seriously. we are going to spend a lot of time just making sure that our own investigators and our own intelligence community figures out what is exactly going on before we make any definitive pronouncements but it is
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certainly possible there was a bomb on board. >> thousands of british tourists stranded in egypt are beginning to head home. alex ortiz is at the airport in sharm el sheikh where travelers are desperate to leave. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. masses of tourists have converged on sharm el sheikh airport where some evacuation planes have been blocked from tag off. the government says that is because of airport capacity. many here are still looking for a way home. british planes have begun flying the nearly 20,000 tourists who are in sharm el sheikh after the uk suspended flights to and from the red sea report on wednesday. the airport is under scrutiny as flight restrictions support airport security is not up to federal standards despite the effort of egyptians to show off their safety measures. passengers getting on flights with liquid and one recounted
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paying airport official to get on the board to skip security. >> he put it the baggage on the conveyor belt and the girl checked her in and at no point did they go through a scanner. >> reporter: without waiting for the investigators report that will detail why the plane went down. >> the reason we have acted before that is because of intelligence and information we had that gave us the concern that it was more likely than not it was a terrorist bond. >> reporter: the egyptian president visited london this week and even he couldn't change the prime minister's mind. u.s. intelligence has told cbs news they now view terrorism the leading theory that brought down this plane and throwing this resort town into chaos. investigators are still analyzing the black boxes but people here are speculating who access to the plane. maintenance crews, baggage
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handlers and caterers would have had access to the doomed flight before it took off. >> alex ortiz in sharm el sheikh thank you. this morning, the egypt crash is triggering new security measures in the united states. the department of homeland security is expected to roll out enhanced screenings for overseas flights as early as today. kris van cleave is in washington with what travelers can expect. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news discussions were under way thursday about the exact measures to take how and where to increase security. out of an abundance of caution, the transportation security administration will put some procedures in place to heighten security for overseas flights. an important note here. no u.s. airlines directly serve this region of egypt. however, one concern is the potential for an explosive to slip through screening at a remote airport and make its way on to an american-bound airliner. the underwear bomber left africa and connected through amsterdam
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where he boarded a flight for the united states. yesterday during that radio interview, president obama said the u.s. is taking the possibility of a bomb on board the russian airliner very seriously, adding we know that the procedures we have here in the united states are different than some of the procedures that existed for outbound and inbound flights there. that difference between screening procedures here and abroad is a key concern for u.s. security officials. >> cbs news national security analyst juan zarate is in washington. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: what do you make of the effort to step up international security on flights? >> the u.s. has to do something because a security risk is real. we don't have flights coming out of sharm el sheikh directly into the u.s. but the fear some luggage cargo could slip through and affect an aircraft headed to in addition, anthony, u.s. officials are worried about this question of access. who has access to these aircraft that could be headed to the u.s.?
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and that is a very real risk and threat. >> juan, the u.s. and britain certainly leaning towards a bomb theory but egypt and russian are saying not so fast. what does that say to you? >> the conclusions have consequences. you see each country evaluating the risk on their own. the uk, obviously, has 20,000 tourists on the ground and they have been stung by terrorist attacks on their tours in the past and keep in mind that tunisian a beach resort attack. each country is evaluating the risk based on the consequences. for egypt and russian the consequences are extremely high if, in fact, this was a terrorist attack that brought down the airliner. each country is evaluating and determining the data on their own based on their calculation of risk. >> so if isis did target this russian plane with a bomb, i mean, what are the implications here? >> this is a game changer. if in fact isis brought down this russian aircraft it means that the threat from isis is no longer just contained to the environment of syria and iraq
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but it has a more global dimension. it means the u.s. and russia and the west have to worry about the isis affiliates that are cropping up around the world places like libya, yemen and even afghanistan. it does then raise the question -- do we have enough time to deal with what may be a metastasizing threat and frankly do we have a new global war on terror and this time not against al qaeda but perhaps against the islamic states. >> how long before we determine what is happening here? can we trust the information we are getting from russia and egypt at this point? >> we don't have u.s. experts on the ground. we have to wait for the egyptians to invite our experts in but we are certainly evaluating data that we have. obviously, the satellite coverage has provided some of that data with respect to the heat flash which has led to the conclusion that there was an explosion on the aircraft. we are going to have evaluation of intelligence from the outside. so we will be able to evaluate the data and the report as it comes in from egypt. but we don't have our folks on
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the ground. >> juan zarate thank you for joining us this morning. millions in the south and the midwest face a storm threat today. heavy downpours and suspected tornadoes hit texas and oklahoma and hammering the cars and buildings there. the strong thunderstorms are moving across the mississippi and ohio valley this morning. omar villafranca is in ft. worth where a large building literally had its roof shredded. >> reporter: good morning. the decorative roof ripped off and landed here in the parking lot and smashing several cars. over here there are large chunks of metal sheets that came tumbling down off of that building. debris scattered hundreds of feet. the good news no one was hurt. the roof of the building just [ bleep ] blew off! >> reporter: a likely tornado ripped through the roof of this office building thursday sending sheets of metal debris flying through the air. wrapping around cars smashing out windows, and terrifying the employees inside. >> we went into panic mode.
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we ran out. we went into a bathroom. i have never been in a tornado. it's off my checklist now! >> reporter: overnight torrential rains pummeled denton texas, north of dallas and winds there were 60 miles an hour. flash flood warningse weros pted in corsicana. in ft. worth a stead stream of violent lightning strikes lit up the night's sky. the powerful line of storms lashed the region with violent winds. strong enough to knock over trees in oklahoma. and pummeled decatur with baseball-sized hail. at least three tornadoes were reported in texas. the wicked weather even put football on hold. high winds toppled these stadium lights in ponder moments after the field was evacuated. no one was hurt. >> well, i think that we are very blessed and i've seen a lot of weird things and this is
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certainly unusual. >> reporter: the forecast here in ft. worth is promising for the rest of the day. but overnight in navarro county an inch and a half rain fell less than an hour and sparked flash flooding and several people had been rescued. a bus crash in arkansas killed at least six people overnight. police say the charter bus veered off interstate 40 and then slammed into an overpass. several others in this group from michigan are in the hospital. the collision crushed the roof and the back of the bus. the cause is under investigation. presidential campaign is taking a new turn for the top two republican candidates. the department of homeland security confirms donald trump and ben carson are getting secret service protection. carson is also gaining more attention for new comments about a violent story from his huge. jan crawford is in washington. >> reporter: good morning. carson, i mean, he is taking hits from his republican
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opponents and media whether he made up part of his life's store and thursday night carson pushed back. >> those claims are absolutely true. you know i am 100% sure they are true. >> reporter: ben carson says the counts of an angry violent youth are true including an attempted stabbing. >> terhe pson that i tried to stab, you know, ike tald to today, and it was a close relative of mine. >> reporter: a cnn report suggested otherwise. >> cnn has been unable to locate witnesses or victims. >> do you think i'm a pathological liar like cnn does? or do you think i'm an honest person. >> reporter: carson telling of that story over the years has evolved and 1990 auto biography "gifted hands" carson said he tried to stab aen friotd, n a relative. it was in a film.
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>> the attempted stabbing incident occurred when with i was 13 or 14. trying to hit my mother in the head with a hammer, that was around the same time as the stabbing incident. >> reporter: republican rival donald trump blasted the retired neurosurgeon on twitter saying the carson story is either a total fabrication, or if true even worse. trying to hit mother over the head with a hammer or stabbing friends? as carson's poll numbers grow so does the scrutiny. >> now my own personal theory. >> reporter: on thursday the 64-year-old again defended his 1998 remarks that the egyptian pyramids were built by joseph to store grain. >> is that something you think people should know about? >> no. i think that -- you know, some people believe in the bible, like i do. and don't find that to be silly at all and believe that god created the earth and don't find that to be silly at all. >> reporter: it might seem strange to see that, you know someone insisting these bad things from his past are true
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but that has been a big part of carson's personal story of redemption. he often talks as a teenager he was saved from a life of violence when he found god, that his anger just went away.jan. the next republican presidential debate will have a smaller field and that leaves some of the candidates left out. tuesday's prime time debate on fox business network now features john kasich jeb bush marco rubio, donald trump, ben carson ted cruz carly fiorina and randfall. mike huckabee and chris christie are to the lower poll. george take packy and lindsey graham have been dropped completely. fox business says their poll numbers are just too low. on "face the nation," donned trump and benefit carson and
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krir kirsten gillibrand will be guests. this morning, jeb bush is rejecting new criticism of his brother's vice president and defense secretary as criticism comes from his father. in a new biography, george h.w. bush offers strong opinions of the presidency of george w. bush. nancy cordes is in washington with the newest bush family drama. >> reporter: good morning. we have seen the bush brothers disagree with their mother publicly once or twice before. but this is a rare disagreement with their father. he was reluctant to say anything negative when his son was in the white house, but clearly not as reluctant any more. at the age of 91 the nation's 41st president is getting a few things off his chest. donald rumsfeld, his son's secretary of defense is an air began fellow with a lack of humility. dick cheney his son's vice president, is an iron act who
7:17 am
just became very hard-line and very different from the dick cheney i knew and worked with. >> i've had much worse said about me. >> reporter: cheney seemed amused but rumsfeld said in a statement, bush 41 is getting up in years and misjudges bush 43 who i found mode his own decisions. >> george would say, this is is under my watch, i was commander in chief. >> reporter: presidential candidate jeb bush weighed in from new hampshire and said be he didn't share his dad's opinion. >> as it relates to dick cheney he served my brother well as vice president and he served my dad extraordinarily well as secretary of defense. >> reporter: cheney and rumsfeld were two of the chief architects of the iraq war and that is at the heart of the elder bush's criticism. bush said rumsfeld served the president badly. i don't like what he did. and i think it hurt the president, having his iron-ass view of everything. >> george h.w. bush and donald rumsfeld have not liked each other for 40 years. they were competitors in the
7:18 am
ford administration. >> reporter: he wrote his own biography about bush and said there could be several reasons he is breaking his silence now. >> is the older father thinking i want to protect my son by naking it clear to people that there some malaligned influences around him? perhaps. if you're the son, you don't want your father to say that your administration was affected by bad influences because it means you were weak. it means you gave in. >> reporter: bush senior also revealed in this new book by john meacham that donald trump once expressed interest in being his running mate. bush said he found that quote, strange and unbelievable. anthony, it is hard to imagine trump as anyone's number two. >> that is exactly right, nancy. nancy cordes thanks very much. disturbing new details this morning about the disgraced illinois police lieutenant's attempt to cover up his wrongdoing before he staged his own sued.
7:19 am
months earlier, lieutenant joe gliniewicz apparently tried to hire a hitman. police say he feared a town official would find out he had been stealing money and he wanted her gone. gliniewicz also faced allegations of sexual harassment and suspensions and complaints that he intimidated an emergency dispatcher with guns. >> the more you hear about this story, hard to believe. a missing child mystery solved after 13 years. the abducted boy himself broke this case wide open. how he found out he was
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. students are accused of collecting nude photos like trading cards. >> ahead inside the school sexting scandal that has rocked a community and the secretive app that hid the images. the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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♪ ben carson's campaign today released a new 60-second radio ad that uses rap music to try to appeal to black voters. let's hear a little of that. ♪ ♪ ben carson 2016. president be awesome ♪ ♪ >> there you have it. get out and vote for ben carson on november 3rd, 1992. >> ben carson a black vote is not hard to get. you're the black candidate. you're in danger of losing it now! what did you think was going to happen? yo, man, you got to vote for ben carson. no man, i ain't voting for that man. he wrote a rap song. what? >> it does seem to be an interesting strategy in the
7:31 am
carson campaign. >> a most unexpected one. >> i'll say. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour students accused of exchanging hudsndre n ofew photos of themselves but the school sexting scandal could lead to felony charges and show you how an app kept the images hidden from mom and dad. he was living alive for more than a decade but he didn't know it. how a teen's college application unlocked his own missing child's case. that is ahead. time to show you this morning's headlines. "usa today" looks at the high cost of a failed pentagon program to train opposition fighters in syria. they were supposed to battle islamic militants 384 million dollars was spent on the program. that is about $2 million per fighter. 180 syrians were vetted and trained and equipped and only 95 in syria today. pentagon says the actual cost of the training was $30,000 and most of the money went to weapons, equipment and ammunition ammunition. a 9-year-old boy was
7:32 am
executed because of his father's gang ties. police now say that the little boy was lured into an alley on monday and then shot several times as part of a bloody gang war. investigators say that the boy's father has refused to cooperate with the detectives. homicide and shootings are up about 18% in chicago so far this year. "the new york times" says exxonmobil is under investigation by the new york attorney general. at issue here is whether the company lied to the public about the risks of climate change. also, whether it lied to investors about how the risks might hurt the oil business. exxonmobil says it unequivocally rejects claims it declined private research. new figures say facebook is the seventh largest company in the s&p 500 index and jumped after better than expected earnings this week. facebook is worth $306 billion and is closing in on amazon.
7:33 am
mark zuckerberg's stock value went up 2.4 billion dollars in the first 15 minutes of trading yesterday. >> not a bad 15 minutes of work huh? >> i want that job! >> me too! parents in a colorado community are outraged this morning after a massive high school sexting scandal. district attorneys in canon city have discovered a large number of nude photos on the students' phones and the d.a. says they could be charged with child pornography. carter evans is live. >> reporter: good morning. the school district said an equal number of boys and girls were involved in the sexting scandal and some as young as eighth grade. it forced the varsity football team to cancel its final game this weekend and parents to monitor teens in a high-tech world. at an emergency meeting, concerned parents learned that
7:34 am
hundreds of students at canon city high may be involved in collecting naked pictures of themselves on cell phones like baseball cards. >> it was flooring to us how many photos we were finding. >> reporter: school administrators started investigate investigating on monday after an anonymous tip and started suspected phones that were turned over voluntarily. >> the evidence was made to call police and you need to hand over everything you got and let the criminal investigation proceed. >> reporter: at least half of the football team has been implicated in the sexting scandal. as a result, administrators announced the team will forfeit its final game of the season. >> if we are going to preach character and integrity and doing the right thing when nobody is looking, we just can't step on the field and compete and represent our school and our community with that. >> reporter: investigators say the teens hid pictures using secretive appears that masked their true purpose, like this one that looks like a
7:35 am
calculator, not a photo album. >> the city of canon city is any town usa. it's going on everywhere. >> reporter: according to a 2014 study, 28% of teens surveyed had used social media to send naked pictures of themselves to another person. 60% have been asked for photo. >> i think it's important that parents and students understand that the mere possession of these materials does constitute an ongoing crime. >> reporter: misty's son is on the football team but says he wasn't involved. some of the things the d.a. mentioned in there are prett scary. >> they are scary. they could of these boys' for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: the district attorney says it's a school-wide issue and that hundreds of students, both boys and girls, could face felony charges. >> i hope not and i'm confident in the system and the people that are involved in the system that we can achieve the right outcome in these cases somewhat regardless of what the laws are. >> reporter: authorities say they are going to evaluate each
7:36 am
incident on a case-by-case basis to make sure appropriate charges are filed. but in a strange twist, because some of these students are minors taking pictures of themselves, some offenders could be victims of their own crimes. >> carter evans, thank you. these apps, so worrisome. >> the mother raised a good point. it could follow you the rest of your life and they don't see that. a cleveland man faces charges this morning in a longstanding missing child's case. investigators always thought that julian hernandez father stole him in 2002 but they couldn't find him. they created an image of what he looks like now. at 13 years the teenager's own deduct work that uncovered his true identity. elaine quijano is here now with the mystery finally solved.
7:37 am
>> reporter: the fbi and the national center for missing and exploited children looked into hundreds of leads from across the u.s. and canada but in the end, julian hernandez found himself. the missing child poster said julian has a small freckle on his left cheek near his mouth. he is three feet tall and 43 pounds. julian hernandez was 5 when he disappeared. on august 28th 2012 bobby hernandez was supposed to drop his son off at preschool. instead, he took him from the birmingham, alabama, suburb of vetstavia and traveling to ohio where they assumed new identities. >> all he talked about his son and all he wanted him to do is be able to go to college. >> reporter: when the now 18-year-old was applying for college, he discovered his social security number did not match his name. with the help of his guidance counselor he saw his picture on the database for missing and
7:38 am
exploited children. police in vestavia hills talked with the neighbor. >> she had been through so many false claims and chasing leads for 13 years. she was kind of apprehensive but really excited. >> reporter: xib agents in cleveland took bobby hernandez into custody monday. the 53-year-old has been charged in cuyahoga county court with tampering with records. >> it was just great for me to be able to tell the mother he has been alive all this time and he is doing well. >> reporter: bobby hernandez is held on $250,000 bond and is expected to be extradited back to alabama on a felony arrest warrant. authorities have not said when julian's mother will be reunited with him. they say it's up to him since he is legally an adult now. >> amazing that little boy solves his own case later in life. >> how must he feel about his mom, about his mom? a lot to sort through. adele is likely to have a new smash hit album on her hands but will streaming sites be
7:39 am
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♪ so great to have adele back. she is stepping back into the spotlight this morning. she performed her new hit live for the first time last night. and questions are brewing about how she will release her new highly anticipated album. she is debating whether to ignore streaming services like spotify and apple music. 75% of americans listen to music online. so her decision could influence the future of the music business. the release is still two weeks away. but its hit status on the pop charts may already be assured. ♪ hello ♪ >> reporter: it's the call adele
7:44 am
fans have been anxiously awaiting. ♪ i've wonder the after all these years ♪ >> reporter: after a four-year absence, the british pop star is back. ♪ so from the other side ♪ >> people absolutely love her. >> reporter: brian hyatt is a ni seor writer at "rolling stone "when he spoke with adele for their most recent cover story, she and her manager were still deciding how to release her latest work. >> you can't make money from streaming but you might make more money and have more of an impact just from selling albums the old-fashioned way. at the same time, i think adele adele wants people to hear her music. >> reporter: it's clear her legion of fans are listening.album's first single hello is the first song in history to have 1 million paid downloads in a single week. and the video has 225,000 youtube views. >> basically what is happening in the music is transition. adele is a test case for the
7:45 am
blockbuster album in the age of streaming. >> reporter: which is fast becoming big business. over the last decade cd sales are down 80% and streaming makes up 23% of record label digital revenue. but streaming policies have caused some big names to push back. last year, taylor swift pulled all of her music from spotify. this year, she threatened to withhold her blockbuster 1989 from apple's streaming service until they agreed to pay artists for their songs during the free trial period. ♪ there's a fire ♪ >> reporter: but adele's appeal is so universal, sales may spike, no matter where people find her music. her last album sold 30 million copies worldwide making it one of the most popular in the last ten years. >> it's a throwback thing to her. i think that maybe tha
7:46 am
obviously, it's worked perfectly ♪ rumor has it ♪ >> reporter: rumor has is the biges nam like rihanna and one direction. ♪ >> reporter: and justin bieber. they have assisted their late november release dates so they don't coincide with adele. ♪ ♪ someone like you ♪ >> she transcends almost just the reality of the business. it's tempting to thing she can transcend even in the era of streaming. >> nobody wants to be in adele's shadow. they expect her billboard sales to reach 1.8 million the first week. we reached out to adele's team and they had no comment how they would roll out her new music but industry executives are sure to be watching this very closely. >> along with everybody. we just want it! >> it's going to sell no matter where she puts it. >> it's nice to have this option because not all artists have
7:47 am
this option. >> exactly right. who needs a jumbo jet when you have your own jet pack? ahead high flying da announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! u that your driveway isn't just connected to your street but to the ends of the earth. from coastal highways to roller-coaster hills to the street that changed music forever. and the perfect route for a getaway.
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7:51 am
♪ imagine looking out of your airplane window and seeing this! wow. two jet pack daredevils get close to an emirates airline 8380. the largest passenger jet and it took the airliner and three months to come up with this very carefully choreographed display. it took place 4,000 feet above dubai. do not try this at home. they worked on this and practiced it and know what they are doing. >> it looks like something out of a bond film. >> it does. >> we said yesterday, it's charlie. i could see charlie and norah doing that.
7:52 am
no thanks. a whole new world for our kids this morning. in the classroom, google wants to give students and teachers and amazing view of education from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the great wall of china. we will try it out ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ did you know only 1% of supplements have earned the usp mark... an independent certification for quality and purity? i recommend nature made because they've earned the most of any brand. nature made. the number 1 pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand.
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♪ it is friday, november 6th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including a field trip for the eyes. how a new virtual wall reality program can take students just about anywhere. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the transportation security administration will put some procedures in place to heighten security for overseas flights. >> investigators are still analyzing the black boxes but people here are speculating about who might have had access to the plane. if in fact isis bhtroug down this russian aircraft it means that the threat from isis has a more global dimension. >> just over here can you see there are large junks of metal sheet that came tumbling down and debris scattered hundredsf o feet. >> carson is taking hits from the media about whether he made up part of his life story. ♪
8:01 am
>> questions are brewing about how she will release her new highly anticipated arllbod predicts her album sales reach up to $1.8 million in the first week. >> ladies and gentlemen, my mom and dad are here tonight. they were my correspondents at the nfl football game at wembley stadium in london. >> i'm sorry! there we go. >> i'm not used to that glance of men! ♪ hello to you. i'm gayle king with anthony maven and kristine johnson of wcbs in new york. charlie is on assignment and norah is off today. cbs news has learned intelligence president obama says the u.s. is taking the possibility of a bomb on board very seriously.
8:02 am
but he stressed there is no firm conclusion. the crash on saturday killed 224 people. the bomb theory is based on heat flashes seen by a u.s. satellite when the plane went down. the first flash is followed by three more, as the jet falls to the ground. passengers have reported lack security at the sharm el sheikh airport and intercepted communications show isis members taking responsibility. the u.s. is making measures to tighten security to overseas flights. kris van cleave has more. >> perhaps additional law enforcement officers on random and patrol through the check poise may see additional canine teams out there, bomb sniffing dogs that are looking for explosives and then ramped up or enhanced security through explosive trace detection.
8:03 am
>> homeland security may roll out these measures as soon as today. this morning, the louisiana state police are investigating a shooting involving city marchshals that killed a boy and wounded his father. the two were shot tuesday after a chase in the central louisiana town of marksville. david begnaud is outside the local police department which said it has led to the firing of officials. >> reporter: the coroner said he was told by a crime scene investigator that the four marshals were pursuing the driver because there was an outstanding warrant but this morning the state police tell us there was no warrant that even existed. 6-year-old jeremy martis were killed by bullets that were intended to stop his father christopher few. according to a louisiana state police few led law enforcement officers on a short pursuit tuesday night and stopped on a dead-end road.
8:04 am
>> initial conversation to my investigators when they arrived was that the vehicle is backing up an they feared for their life and started firing. >> the colonel michael edmondson is head of the state police which is leading the investigation. "cbs this morning" has learned as many as two law enforcement officers fired nearly 18 rounds at the suv. >> there were a lot of shots fired that night and they were coming in one direction. there is nothing for us that indicates any fire coming from that suv. there was no weapons found in that vehicle. >> young jeremy was hit by five bullets in the head and the chest killing him at the scene. his father was also shot and is hospitalized in serious condition. >> he tried to basically get me out of the van. >> megan dixon said she is engaged to few. she claims they argued that night outside a local pool hall. shortly after, she says few stopped alongside her vehicle at a red light. p>> said to me -- i just went around him and then i heard the
8:05 am
firing. >> reporter: dixon believes that interaction may be what kaust the attention of the authorities prompting the law enforcement officers to pursue him. why were they trying to pull mr. few over? >> well, until we speak to those officers we don't know. >> reporter: the colonel says at this point his investigators need more information from those officers involved in that shooting. does this situation trouble you? >> well, i think the longer it takes for these officers to come forward and give us information, it's more concerning. come forward and tell us what happened. >> reporter: at least three of the four officers involved work full-time for the marksville city police department. the other works full-time for the marshal's office. at the time of the shooting we are told by state police they were working a side job for the marshal's office and further complicating exactly whose authority they were operating under. this morning we are told there are video from one of the officers that may have showed the event leading up to the story. >> david thanks. with hillary clinton regaining momentum in the democratic presidential race bernie sanders is using free
8:06 am
media to make his next move. his team is planning more public appearances to help sanders round out his imagine and focusing on policy with a side of personality. this morning "the washington post" is asking why so many stand-up comics are backing the, quote, most humorless presidential candidate. in an interview for this weekend sunday morning, jim axelrod asked sanders if he has a funny side. >> if you don't mind. >> reporter: comedians have certainly had their fair share of fun with bernie sanders. >> we are doomed! we need a revolution! millions of people on the streets! we got to do something! and we got to do it now! ah! >> how many of you guys are looking forward to going to college? raise your hand. how many are worried about the cost of college. >> reporter: the candidate himself is not exactly known for his sense of humor. >> one of the things that we are with trying to do is to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. would that matter to you?
8:07 am
>> yes! >> in the media today there are not a lot of opportunity for serious political discussions. >> reporter: he is a policy want. the last guy you'd expect to be a viable contender for the democratic nomination. >> professor at the university of vermont said bernie is the last person you'd want to be stuck on a desert yiisland with and two weeks of lectures about health care and you'd look for a shark. >> not quite. i sound worse than i am actually. i do have over my lifetime made one or two friends. i do have -- that was a joke. you didn't get that. that is how bad my sense of humor is. >> bernie sanders embraces the realities of presidential politics and selfies and all and you can see the entire interview on sunday morning on cbs. >> can't wait. something tells me we will see larry david back too. >> the best. the best. schools on the edge of technology turn to virtual reality to explore our world.
8:08 am
ahead, google's experiment that combines a simple setup involving cell phones and cardboard covers to provide a grand view of the planet's most spectacular
8:09 am
"the new york times" says hamilton is so good it might be worth mortgaging your home to buy tickets. we previewed charlie rose's interview for "60 minutes" with the man behind the broadway blockbuster ahead on "cbs this morning." what if there was another way to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera.
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♪ this is such a cool story. google is teaming up with hundreds of schools to take students around the world from inside their classrooms. the program is called expeditions and it used virtual reality and can teleport students to far-flung places often seen seen in their
8:14 am
textbooks. vinita nair is at a new york city school using this technology. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are at lab middle school in lower manhattan where the kids are due in in a few moments. this is about one of a hundred schools across the globe using this new virtual technology. we spoke with google and they told us they came up with this idea after hearing some teachers who wanted to bring abstract concepts to life. google's new program is taking kids on field trips where no bus has ever gone. this sixth grade science class plunged deep into australia's coral sea and getting 360-degree views of the great barrier reef. the classroom scuba diver's crisscross the planet to an island and getting an up-close look at sea lions far below the surface the ocean. >> this is pretty big. >> i don't see it.
8:15 am
>> reporter: the students pause to take notes before losing themselves in the imagery again. >> write down your observations at this point. >> reporter: their teacher allison davis guided the tour from her tablet, stopping periodically to discuss what they were seeing. what tells us that the coral is thriving? >> they really colorful. they are not like in the video we watched. not bleached or anything. >> they point things out that i wouldn't even think to be looking at. >> reporter: davis says it's a learning experience for both the student and the teacher. and believes her students are gaining a better understanding of her lessons. >> they are making connections to things they are hearing on the news and going on in the world. >> reporter: those 360-degree views are created by stitching together photographs from google's street view. 16 gopro cameras are also used to make the trip feel life-like. you put on the glasses. what is it like? >> well, i think it's really cool because it feels like you're there. >> the panoramas themselves
8:16 am
don't change. it's how the teacher applies it. >> reporter: google program director jennifer holland, a former educator hoerserself says -- >> we had a math teacher that create an expedition on the great wall of china and it was used by a chinese language teacher to create vocab. >> reporter: it's a cardboard board and it runs offline in necessary. google will provide the kids free of cost for the first year. but will eventually charge schools. can you give us an idea of a price point? would it be the cost of a phone? would it be the cost of a group of phones? >> i get that question all the time. so, you know, to be honest right now within the primary program we are just trying to figure out how the technology can work. we want to make it as accessible as possible. >> a question around cost and really thinking about the
8:17 am
maintenance of the technology long term. >> reporter: new york labs middle school principal megan adams says for cash-strapped schools investing in the program may be hard, but she says it's an important learning tool. >> some kids might see the technology and still prefer a textbook but some kids will see this technology who don't normally engage in reading and discussion and, all of a sudden, understand the concept. >> reporter: it's not just virtual voyages. google tells us in the near future, they would love to expand into career options and it means you can shadow a professional like a news anchor. >> so smart of google sosay we will rhett you have it for a year and then charge. once you look into t you're sold. no matter the age, you want one of these. >> kids love being immersed into something. >> it's really 360. turn around. >> come back kristine!
8:18 am
come back! >> i'm back. >> she is back. we thank you, again, vinita. hamilton has taken broadway by storm. >>. ♪ ♪ we are running a real nation would you like to join us doing whatever you do ♪ >> we will preview charlie's "60 minutes" story on this pioneering hip honor musical that is next on "cbs this morning." it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories.
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8:22 am
♪ i've laughing in the face of casualty ♪ and not thinking past tomorrow ♪ >> the broadway musical "hamilton" shares the story of alexander hamilton and our founding father using rap, hip-hop and a largely minority cast. it is open to rave reviews that continue today. one reviewer from "the new york times" said, quote, i am loathe to tell people to mortgage their houses and lease their children to require tickets to a hit broadway show but "hamilton" might just about be worth it. on "60 minutes," charlie rose talks about lin-manuel miranda. he is writer and star of the show. here is a preview. >> here is what i know about hamilton. i knew he was on died in a duel with the vice president and he's on the 10 dollar bill. >> what happened? >> i was thunder struck. i got to the part where a
8:23 am
hurricane destroys st. croix where hamilton is liverging and he writes a poem about this carnage and the poem gets him off the island. i drew a direct line hamilton writing his way out of circumstances and the rappers i had grown up adoring. >> they wrote themselves out of circumstances? >> but it's jay-z writing about the project housing in brooklyn and eminem growing up in detroit and writing about that struggle and your writing is so good it gets you out. >> miranda's gift is making that story in alive. >> are you ready for a cabinet meeting? huh? huh? >> reporter: witness hamilton's battle with jefferson how to pay off the revolutionary war debt. >> in virginia we plant seed. you want to move our money around. this is an outrageous demand and too many damn pages for any man tond! >> thomas that was a real nice
8:24 am
declaration. welcome to the present. we are running a real nation! would you like to join us? or stay doing whatever the hell you do? a message from the slaver. you don't pay for labor. we plant seeds in the house and we ranting and we know who is really doing the planting. >> i think the secret sauce of this show is that i can't believe this story is true. it's such an improbable and amazing story and i learned it about it while i was writing it and i think that enthusiasm is based into the recipe. >> you can see charlie's full report on "60 minutes," including what miranda thinks about some of the modern political heavyweights who sit in the audience. that is sunday on "cbs this morning." if that doesn't make you want to go see it, i don't know what does.
8:25 am
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour andy cohen is in our toyota green room! there he is. he is the guy responsible for the real show that a lot of us watch. we will discuss it with john mayer where apparently they are a another kind of best friend. pop culture history on the auction block. instruments and memorabilia and once worn by elvis and michael jackson and beatles. see the guitar that could set a world record. right now time to show you this morning's headlines. "usa today" says just five companies collected more than 70% of the internet's revenue in the past 12 months. they are amazon google alpha pet and ebay and facebook and
8:31 am
big companies are still getting stronger and small players fall yined behind. in london are racing to get their hands on the balmain's stores in h&m. some are reportedly lining up for days. a few said they would sell their purchase online for two or three times what they paid. i hate it when people do that. i think they want the item and then take it and sell it. >> everybody wants a profit. the orlando sentinel reports on how solar systems turns mars into a barren desert. winds are still stripping away the gas in the planet's atmosphere. they could have gutted mars atmosphere causing it to lose its moisture. this morning dave brain will answer your questions about this new finding on our facebook page at 9:00 a.m.
8:32 am
go to"cbs this morning." and cohen got his start right here as an intern. >> look at that computer! >> that is 1989. he went on to become the executive in the mastermind behind the wildly popular "real housewives franchise." and now hosts otherwise hen talk show. he is a "the new york times" best selling author. his diaryies are inspired by the andy warhol diaries. it offers a year of celebrity-filled life and out in paper back. andy, welcome back to the table. >> gayle, you got the lips right today? >> you saw that thing the other day? >> they look great. >> opera sent me a thing saying my lips were too red and said you should say something to your makeup artist. i said, no i did that myself and there was dead silence. i didn't think it was a bad thing. that's what friends are for, right? >> that's what friends are for. >> you have a lot of famous friends. >> i do. you're one of them.
8:33 am
>> i was stuck on the famous part. you're putting me in that. this is the thing. you know so many people and things. you write about them very liberally. >> i do. >> you know what line to cross and what not to cross. >> i think i do. i hope i do. >> have you ever gotten in trouble by one of your friends by something you said? >> everyone in the book and a lot of people they seem to all still be speaking to me. >> did you get any calls after or why am i not in the book? >> no, no. no. everything is good. i rode the line very well i think. >> you talk about one little incident on a female talk show format where maybe the creator got a little upset? >> i put my foot in it with barbara walters live on the air and i talk about that.
8:34 am
it was skir scarecary. >> what happened? >> she said she didn't get "american hustle." i said maybe it was a generational thing. which i meant my mom didn't get it a few days before but without the contact! >> this is the thing about you. you said once your mouth has been your greatest asset but gotten you into trouble. i would like examples of both. >> i remember when i was on the seventh floor of this building answering the phones at the news desk when i was an intern and i remember someone from a cbs affiliate in i think, spokane, washington, called. i said are you number one in your market? i was an intern at the time. they said, yeah. i said we don't know anything about being number one at the cbs morning show loudly so the whole newsroom could hear. someone said, you know you need to tone it down literally. i wrote about that in my first book about the advice i got when i was an intern at cbs news. i never totally toned it down but i feel like i learned a little bit. but you know what? the news is back guys.
8:35 am
congratulations. the news is back! you finally figured this show up -- show out. it took about 40 years but you figured it out. >> that joke you made is one we heard a lot back in those days. >> i take that as a compliment. >> do. i love this show. >> we were talking about the celebrity friends. one of the celebrity friends i was actually surprised you had was john mayer. >> yes. >> you guys took a little road trip together. >> we did. we drove from l.a. to san francisco to to see the grateful dead. he's on tour with the grateful dead now. >> you like them? >> i do. major dead head. >> that surprised me too. >> you compared your friendship to another friendship involving someone sitting at this table. we have a video of that. >> of the parascope we did? >> our version of oprah and gayle, right? >> where we are both -- think -- who is oprah and who is gayle? >> that is a good question. >> i think in this situation i'm gayle. >> no, i thinkup oprah and i'm gayle.
8:36 am
>> i'm happy to be your gayle. >> huh-uh. we did decide that i was the oprah and he was the gayle on that trip. >> how did you guys become buddies? >> how did we? through our friend ricky. i met him through our friend rick yip. you know ricky, anthony. yeah. >> i see him all the time. >> here is something. i just thought this game called plead the fifth? >> yes. my game on watch what happens live. significant game. are we going to play? >> have you ever had a guest on your show hit on you before or after the show? >> i have. >> well, we likes names. >> sweetie, the question was have i ever. >> what is the name of the guest who hit on you before or after the show? >> i plead the fifth. >> have you ever hit on a guest on or before the show? >> yes. >> what is the name? >> i was incredibly way too flirty with ricky martin. so much so it really horribly embarrassing way. >> my last one. do you have a sexting picture
8:37 am
that you're proud of? >> sexting picture that i'm proud of? like, a picture of myself? >> andy don't act like you don't know what sexting is. >> i do. but i'm very smart about -- i don't send pictures of my genitals, if that what you're asking. >> what about your abs or something like that? >> sure yeah. i'm going to send you -- i'm going to e-mail you my picture that i'm proud of. >> the news is back this morning. >> the news is back! cbs had figured it out! >> i want to bring up something. as successful as you are you you're a very savvy businessman. you talk about never being scared to speak up. >> yes. >> and always owning things and don't forget your friends. >> that's right. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> andy cohen, thanks for being with us. and cohen diaries is on sale now. ahead, may be the close you get to the coming of beatles. >> i'm mireya villarreal at an auction in beverly hills.
8:38 am
this is one of john lennon's favorite guitars. it's expected to go at auction for over a million dollars. a potential world record. that story coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:39 am
8:40 am
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8:42 am
♪ where else should i be an apology ♪ >> nirvana's lead singer kurt cobain had an sweater that was aukctioned off. ♪ he was just 17 ♪ >> reporter: if you've ever seen the fab four's 1964 "ed sullivan" performance no mistaking that logo on beatle as drum is on the auction block. >> it's one of the most important pieces you could find. ♪ i want to hold your hand ♪ >> reporter: beatle maniacs have dreamed of holding the guitar that john lennon's guitar wrote
8:43 am
"i want to hold your hand." he would be hear. >> >> exactly right. >> reporter: the guitar disappeared in 1963 after a show in london only to resurface 50 years later in san diego and if it sells for a million dollars as expected it would set a world record for the sale of a single guitar. >> when it comes to guitars and john lennon, this is the holy grail grail. >> reporter: if fashion is your thing, you can buy a piece of kurt cobain's i don't give a damn style. it's the sweater the pioneer wore during nirvana's famous 1993 mtv unplugged concert that comes complete with burns and stains. >> another jacket we sold for 87,000 but because this is an important performance it could sell up toward to a hundred
8:44 am
thousands. it's an important piece in the museum. >> reporter: rings and things from elvis are in the building. this 24 karat gold piano, a first anniversary present from priscilla presley is also on the block. but when you consider what a lock of his hair goes for. >> elvis presley brought 35,000 a clip of his hair. >> reporter: you're kidding? >> no. >> reporter: if that is not weird enough this mold was used to outfit michael jackson with fangs for "thriller." there may be a few bargains here and there, but if you're determined to own something that belonged to a superstar, it might just help to be superrich! for "cbs this morning," mireya villarreal, los angeles. >> i like the fangs. >> it's been in someone's mouth! i don't know about that anthony. >> exactly! >> the drum top, i think that is cool. >> that is cool. i do like that.
8:45 am
is there a milestone in digital news. have you heard this? we are going to take you next door for the moment that is worth celebrating. there they are. drop the microphone! vlad and elaine. we are celebrating at our digital network cbsn and the most unforgettable moments of the week. we will be right back. you're watching "cbs this mo rning.
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thanks for joining us. i'm michelle miller. >> i'm elaine key hanna. president obama hopes to find common ground with a new republican mjt in congress. >> the very first report from our 24-hour digital network cbsn that launched one year ago. you were there, elaine. vladimir duthiers and elaine quijano. we come with nothing but the best.
8:49 am
congratulations and continued success. >> you're aging we gracefully. >> thanks. >> what is the expectation when it started and how do you feel a year later? >> the first day we just wanted to make sure the thing didn't go to black. we cleared that hurdle and it was editorially speaking making sure that the cbs network new this was a place everyone could converge and have smart conversations and good reporting. >> and also be able to essentially dive deeper into the stories you guys are doing. >> this is a good time to tell people where they can go to watch. >> from where we launched last year to today, amazon fire and cbs news mobile apps your desktop. go to cbs news mobile app and download it from there. >> we thank you both. congratulations. that will do it for us. we leave you today as we take a look back at the week that was. have a great weekend. there is a significant possibility the russian aircraft was brought down byn a expvelosi
8:50 am
device. >> the egyptian civil aviation authority says there is no evidence yet to support the bomb eo thry. >> this is the first time, as a law enforcement officer, i felt ashamed bill the acts of another police officer. >> e > thinvestigation revealed a cop who was a big-time thief and staged his own death to make it heroic. >> he admits he was drunk when he got into cathe r that night. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> it hawas rd to watch and i'm ashamed. >> i see murder! i cannot stand by! >> his comments put him on the radar of police nationwide. >>po chitleor fced to close some of its stores after customers became sick. >> there's a good chance we will end up with more cases. e>> he mad a split-second decision and it saved lives. >>la a pne isom cing down with a parachute. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go. >> i'm the absolute .best what can i say? >> the royals are the 2015 world
8:51 am
champions! >> we are the kansas city royals, world series champs! >> please welcome charlie rose! >> you're wearing shoes that lady gaga wouldn't get into it. >> i now know what norah and gayle go through every morning. >> would walter cronkite do this on television? >> he has a dimple in his chin! >>. [ screaming ] >> i got really, really hungry and i ate all of your halloween candy when you were at school. >> don't ever do that again! >> it is so great to be back here at east islip. >> boomer you reported that the new york jets asked the nfl to sweep the locker room of the
8:52 am
patriots. what is it about patriot paranoia everybody has? >> the patriots are the preeminent organization and in the nfl, people don't like success, especially when it's sustained like that. >> what is the one thing all successful people have in common? >> hunger! >> congratulations. the news is back. you finally figured this show out. it took about 40 years but you figured it out. >> chris stapleton "traveler." >> chris stapleton! >> there is probably going to be a party tonight! ♪ let me hear you say i can't thank you ♪ >> they call you big sexy. >> i don't know where that name came from. >> do you think we have a new nickname for charlie now? what are you thinking? >> big sexy. you are our big sexy!
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it is friday, november 6. this is "great day washington" good morning. my name is chris leary. i'm markette sheppard. you're -- we're your hosts of "great day washington." >> this just in. if you want for kiss -- to kiss anybody for bat more, try not to do it for two weeks. >> why? my husband is from baltimore. >> he lives here now. but the first breakout of the flu has been found for this
8:59 am
season in baltimore. so i have a few people up there i'd like to kiss but i'm going to wait two weeks so it doesn't spread down here. if you can, don't kiss anybody in baltimore. >> how about get your flu shots, public service announcement. i'm going to get my flu shot. >> i didn't think about that shy have started with that. >> i get one every year, sometimes to. >> does it work? >> sometimes. last year i heard a news report saying it was weaker and unexpectedly didn't work as well. so i want to stay healthy and vibrant. speaking of healthy, we have alexandria, virginia, resident, she's lived here for 30 years but she's a national fitness expert. denise austin is here. she'll tell us how to keep our bodies healthy with fall fitness freeb business so i'm -- freebies so i'm excited about that. >> she'll wake you up. we have good people in the kitchen. we have a dog chef. like i said the first time i heard that, i thought, wow, i've seen dogs do a lot of
9:00 am
things. i've never seen them cook. but it's not actually a dog cooking. it's a guy cooking for dogs. >> celebrity dog, too. the biggest tv host of all time, who is that, do you think? >> markette sheppard is here. she's joining us. >> i'll pay you later. let's talk about ryan seacrest. he's in washington, d.c. right now. our very own lifestyle correspondent meaghan mooney is talking about a charitable cause he's taking part in right here in our nation's capital. >> that's right. good morning. the ryan seacrest foundation and children's national have partnered to open up their ninth studio right here in the nation's capital. ryan seacrest as well as


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